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What a sense of comfort and relaxation you can enjoy when there is truly a place for everything in your closet. Whether you have an expansive walk in closet in a luxury home or a small reach in closet in one of the kid’s bedrooms or a wardrobe closet in your super-small loft, the right closet organizer accessories can make it quicker and easier to find things. 


See the broad array of options below from the Innovate Home Org line. Whether you need a tie, belt or scarf rack, an organized jewelry drawer (and what women wouldn’t love this), a convenient to use hamper, basket or ironing board and an organized place to store your shoes you’ll find options to make your life easier here. 

Closet Organizer Accessories:

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Shoe Organization Systems

Do you have the perfect pair of shoes to accessorize every outfit? If you’re frustrated by piles of shoes all over your closet floors and want a fun and functional way to always have the perfect shoe at your fingertips, check out these custom shoe storage solutions!

Storage for Ties, Belts, Scarves and Coats

If you’re tired of ties and scarves which are always falling off onto the floor of your closet or belts which are hung 5 deep on a single hanger we can feel your pain. Check out these solutions. If you would like to know how these would look in your home: Please contact us for a free sample

Wardrobe and Valet Rods

Go beyond the basic closet organizer accessories and add luxury, style and convenience to your Columbus closet with wardrobe rod accessories. If you have a hard time reaching the top level of clothes you’ll want to check out the pull down rod. Add an elegant look with sleek European inspired style the oil rubbed bronze rods. If you want to stage tomorrow's outfit, a valet rod is a must. If you would like to know how these would look in your home. Please contact us for a free sample

Jewelry Trays and Drawer Dividers

Whether your jewelry selection is large or complete with some expensive items Innovate Home Org has options to keep it organized and safely stored. There are options to suite the most discriminating woman and neat and fashionable man. Different sized jewelry trays (for wider or narrower closets) and drawer locks are some of the features you can enjoy. 

Hampers, Baskets and Ironing Boards

Storage solutions are not all created equal. Your needs are as individual as you are. At Innovate Home Org our goal is to provide you with options which make your life easier and reduce stress. You can save time with a pull out ironing board, enjoy your neater closet with dirty clothes hamper which are hidden from view or keep bulky items like toys and balls off the floor in the kids room with wire baskets.

Cabinetry, Drawers, Decorative Moldings, Sustainable Shelving and Millwork

Elegance can be felt in the opening and closing of a well constructed drawer or in the look of finished molding, shelving or countertops which can compliment your home. See how these options can add values, style and additional useable space for a walk in or reach in closet.

Mirrors and Lighting

You should be able to see how you look and be able to differentiate between colors all while staying in the privacy of your closet. Our lines of mirrors and lighting can help.

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