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Who wouldn’t love a more efficient laundry room. One which was neat, organized and reduces the stress of doing the not-so-fun task of laundry? Innovate Home Org, a professional designer and installer of laundry storage cabinets, and laundry organizer systems, can help you turn your cluttered Columbus laundry room into an orderly space with customized laundry room cabinet designs. No more loads left damp in the wash, or unfolded clothes gaining wrinkles when there is a place for everything in your laundry room organization system.

As an authorized dealer of Org Home, Innovate Home Org can help you discover the benefits and features of installing laundry room storage cabinets in your Columbus home. Our customizable laundry room cabinet designs can create solutions to this often over-looked, but frequently used, room in your home.


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Benefits of Laundry Room Storage Cabinets for Your Columbus Home

Cleaner look – When your clothes are organized and stored in hampers, cleaning products are hidden behind doors and drawers, and garments are hung neatly to prevent them from wrinkling, a laundry room can actually feel good to be in.

Gain more storage space – If you don’t have enough existing  laundry room storage cabinets in your older Columbus home, adding a cabinet over washer and dryer or laundry organizer shelves and hookboards in the small nooks and crannies of your room can really help.

Counter and laundry room cabinet designs which are ergonomically correct and environmentally friendly – Having to bend down to reach cleaning products, struggling to iron a dress before a big meeting in downtown Columbus in a cramped space can be tough on your body. Including a storage cabinet with hamper, pull out baskets, or slide out ironing boards can better make use of your space and ease the strain on your body. Additionally, our products are environmentally conscious and manufactured with a focus on sustainability to give you peace of mind in your Columbus laundry room cabinet designs

Custom designed to fit your space and style – Instead of buying stock cabinets which may leave badly needed spaces unused – your Innovate Home Org laundry storage room cabinets will be custom designed for your Columbus home and the exact size of your walls– ensuring there will be no wasted space.

Saves your time – An efficient laundry room will reduce the time it takes to do this chore to free up more time with your family exploring the cities and sights of Columbus.

Innovate Home Org, a reputable professional is here to serve you – As part of Innovate Building Solutions (our parent company) we have served over 190,000 customers since 1977. Over this time we have learned to listen to our Columbus neighbors and offer solutions tailored to your needs. Since we are not burdened by franchise fees our pricing will provide a good value – without the need for sales and marketing gimmicks.

Products to Improve Your Laundry Organization Systems

Design flexibility – Since we offer adjustable laundry organizer shelves, pull out bins and baskets and different ironing board options you’ll know your space can grow and change with your ever-changing family.

Style, color and finish selections to fit any home – Your laundry room storage cabinets and shelving can express your individual style with 20 standard colors, 9 wood veneer finishes and 5 texture options. So whether you have a contemporary minimalist, loft, or sprawling traditional home in Columbus, we have a style to cover your tastes.

Drawers and rods to make things easier on you – Our full extension drawers make it easy to see what’s stored deep in the back of your laundry room storage cabinets. Several options for a  laundry cabinet with hanging rod including a wardrobe valet rod and tiered valets that allow you to neatly hang clothes so they won’t get wrinkled before you have the time to move them to your bedroom closets.

Locking cabinets – If you have little ones it’s always concerning what they’re going to open up and get into. Ask your Innovate Home Org Design Specialist to tell you about installing locking cabinets in your Columbus home to keep any dangerous cleaning supplies out of reach.

Advanced product manufacturing for improved quality and better lead times – Our manufacturing partner (the Stow Company) makes our door and drawer fronts in one integrated 400,000 square foot plant (not sourced to a 3rd party) using the most advanced CNC equipment. This provides you with a coordinated finished product with higher quality and shorter lead times so you can improve your Ohio home’s laundry organizer system ASAP.

Laundry Room Design Options & Information Details, Finishes, Accessories and Frequently Asked Questions

Adding color, a textured finish, or an architecturally correct door and drawer selection can help you to fashion your laundry room to match with your budget, needs and interior design style. Explore the wide array of options below or with your Innovate Home Org Design Consultant.

Custom Laundry Cabinet Finishes

Details & Finishes

Custom Garage Accessories

Laundry Accessories

Custom Closets FAQ


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