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Do you wish the spare bedroom didn’t go unused 99% of the time? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could gain space in your downtown Columbus loft or studio apartment but still have a comfortable place for guests to sleep when they visit? Do you feel guilty asking guests to sleep on your sofa, couch or futon but can’t imagine space for anything else?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ll be so excited to learn about modern fold away wall beds, commonly called Murphy beds. Contemporary Murphy beds are more than a flimsy mattress which drops down from the wall. Our custom Murphy beds not only have all the comfort of a regular bed, but they can turn your cramped Columbus bedroom, loft or studio apartment into a multi-purpose space for work, exercise, kids and guests. They’re sleek, space-efficient and comfortable.

Let Innovate Home Org show you the benefits, features and answers to your frequently asked questions about modern Murphy beds for your Columbus home.

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Benefits of Fold Away Wall Beds for Your Columbus Home or Studio Apartment

Create multi-purpose spaces like our desk Murphy bed combination – Since a modern Murphy bed easily folds into a framing system attached to the wall, you’ll have extra space for a home office, craft room, living room or workout space when the bed is not being used. Your guest bedroom can become a place you use year-round - not only when guests come to visit you in Columbus. If you really want to maximize the multi-function, ask about our Murphy desk beds. 

More comfortable than a futon or couch bed – If you’ve ever slept on a thin futon or sofa bed you know it can be painful. With a 10” or 11” thick mattress our custom Murphy beds combine space-efficiency and comfort so you feel good enough to use it every night. A truly comfortable Murphy bed is essential if you’re using it in an efficiency apartment, a spare bedroom in your Columbus home or small downtown loft.

Can be custom designed to fit the décor and size available in your Columbus home or apartment – Our modern Murphy beds can be designed with complimentary bookshelves (in a home office), entertainment centers (in a studio or loft apartment) or with nightstands in a spare bedroom. They add impact, style and increased function to your home or apartment. Since the beds are available in multiple sizes (for a Queen bed, a full size or twin mattress) you'll be able to find a custom Murphy bed which suits the needs of your Columbus home. 

Easy to enjoy a smaller space – Home prices and rents have never been higher. This has forced many people into smaller spaces. A fold away wall bed frees up valuable space you can enjoy during the day and is simple to bring down to sleep at night.

Simple to operate and the bedding stays in placeContemporary Murphy beds eliminate the problems of sofa beds that are difficult to open up, have no storage for seat cushions and require the bedding to be removed to convert back into a couch. Fold away wall beds save you set up time and transform quickly for sleeping each and every night.

Free 3D Design for your Columbus home – You may not know if you have enough room for a queen, full or twin sized modern Murphy bed. You may not have decided if you prefer a Murphy cabinet bed, bookshelf Murphy bed or Murphy desk bed. This is where your Innovate Home Org Designer can help. They'll help you with a complete storage design to fit your unique space - and even work around outlets and light switches to maximize your design.

Innovate Home Org, a reputable professional here to serve you – As part of Innovate Building Solutions, our parent company, we have served over 190,000 customers since 1977 in the Central and Northeast Ohio areas. It's our goal to listen to you and offer suggestions on how to improve the use of space. Since we are not burdened by franchise fees our pricing will provide a good value – without the need for phony sales and gimmicks. 

Our goal is to help you with your modern Murphy Bed selection to improve your space – and do it at a fair price.

Custom Murphy Bed Features

Design flexibility no matter how tall or short your ceiling is – If you have a tall ceiling in your loft or an 8’ or 9’ ceiling in the bedroom of your suburban home in Columbus, a vertical Murphy bed will work best. On the other hand, if you have shorter ceilings in a spare dormer in a Cape style home a horizontal fold away wall bed will be best.

Multi-function product innovation takes our modern Murphy beds to the next level – While you can get a simple fold up Murphy bed for a twin, full or queen-sized mattress – our unique product line offers more than just sleeping space. How about a flip-up Murphy desk bed which gives you a place to work. A bookshelf Murphy bed provides storage for books and school supplies. Add nightstands or a wardrobe closet on the sides of the bed for built-in storage conveniently located next to your bed. Do not let any space in your Columbus home go unused ever again! 

Easy to open and close and your bedding stays in place - With a spring-balanced mechanism your custom Murphy bed swings up and down easily. With a built-in strap the bedding stays in place so you don’t have to remake the bed every day.

Fun style, color and finish selections – Your custom and standard designed Murphy beds, shelving and cabinetry systems can express your Columbus home’s individual style. With 20 standard colors, 9 wood veneer finishes and 5 texture options there’s a custom Murphy bed for you.

Accessorize to improve function and add fashion – Top off your fold away wall bed with  contemporary or traditional crown molding. Add a pillow box in the back for convenient hidden storage. Have professionally installed LED lighting to make it easy to read at night.

Custom designed furniture system built specifically to fit your space – In a small bedroom or studio loft, space is at a premium. You’ve got to get the maximum function in the minimum space. Our systems are custom designed so you can add wardrobe closets, nightstands, an entertainment center or home office custom-fit to your Columbus home’s space.

Professional installation service - Innovate's professional installation technicians will know exactly how to adjust our modern Murphy beds to ensure easy opening and closing, secure placement and durability for you, the customer.

Unique & Modern Murphy Bed Options

While we offer the simple single twin, full or queen-sized mattress Murphy beds our options go well beyond that. See 4 unique choices below to add style and function to your Columbus home.

Flip up Murphy Desk Bed for Home Offices or Spare Bedrooms

It’s a desk, it’s a bed, or stow it all away to free up space. This desk Murphy bed combination is sleek when folded up, but comfortable to sleep on with a 10” thick mattress. It’s available in twin, full and queen sizes.

Kid Murphy Beds for Bedrooms and Dormer Spaces

This slimmed down horizontal Murphy desk bed works in the smallest kids bedrooms or dormers. Using only a 82” x 44” area (when opened) it serves as a desk during the day and uses a smooth balancing mechanism to fold out into a twin bed at night. It’s perfect for your son or daughter's room and makes sleepovers with friends a breeze.

Bi-Fold Modern Murphy Bed for Guest Bedrooms & Lofts

Concealed behind these bi-fold doors is an 11” thick twin, full, or queen mattress which is simple to pull down with a spring balanced mechanism. The bi-fold doors look neat and provide space behind them for cabinetry in a guest bedroom or studio apartment.

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Custom Murphy Bed Design Options, Finishes & Accessories

Adding color, a textured finish, or an architecturally correct door and drawer selection can help you fashion your modern Murphy bed to match your budget, needs and the interior design style of your Columbus home. Explore the wide array of contemporary Murphy bed options below or with your Innovate Home Org Design Consultant.

Murphey Bed Finishes

Details and Finishes

Murphy Bed Accessories


Murphey Bed FAQ


Murphy Bed Accessories

Pillow Box

Pillow Box for Modern Murphy Beds

A pillow box in a 19” deep Murphy bed system gives you a convenient place to store pillows and blankets.

LED puck lighting

LED Puck Lighting

Installing LED puck lighting at the top of your custom Murphy bed will make it easy to read at night and add ambiance to your room.

Storage cabinet

Storage cabinet

Keep your desk clear – but also have your printer handy – by adding a side storage cabinet.

Aluminum legs

Aluminum legs for flip up desk

This flip up desk option for a Murphy Bed is not only convenient but sturdy with these aluminum legs.

Built-in filing cabinets

Built in filing cabinets

Complete your desk Murphy bed combination by adding filing cabinets on the side(s) of your Murphy Bed.

Crown molding

Crown molding

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary Columbus space, crown molding provides a nice finishing touch.

Wardrobe closet

Wardrobe closet

If you need to build in a closet next to your modern Murphy bed these built in cabinet units can be customized to fit your space – no matter how big or small an area you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own mattress with your custom Murphy beds?

Any 10” or 11” coil spring mattress will work with our beds. It’s helpful to have the mattress on site when the bed frame is installed to make sure the mechanisms are properly balanced.

Do I need a box spring for my fold away wall bed?

Our contemporary Murphy beds are designed to be comfortable without a box spring.

Do I have to remove the bedding and pillows from my Murphy bed when I fold it up?

No – this is one reason why a custom Murphy bed is preferred over a sofa bed. A strap system is provided which holds the bedding in place saving you time by not having to reset the bed after each use. Pillows can either be left in place or put into an optional pillow box behind the bed frame.

Is it possible to use this bed daily or is it only for occasional use?

Whether you're using your custom Murphy bed in a guest bedroom, studio apartment, loft of live-work space it’s comfortable enough for everyday use. With a 10” and 11” mattress our extra comfortable Murphy beds are comparable to a standard bed with a box spring. No painful springs or crossbars like with a pull out couch, sofa bed or futon.

How do I know which modern Murphy bed is right for me?

Innovate Home Org will help you determine which size bed will not only fit but also provide the maximum amount of functionality for your room and budget.

Does the baseboard need to be removed to install a fold away wall bed?

Yes – the baseboard will be removed to finish the fully integrated storage and bedding solution.

Do your modern Murphy beds need to be locked into place?

No – our beds do not require a lock to stay in place. The spring mechanism keeps the bed closed when stowed away and provides an easy transition when you want to open it up.

Can I take my custom Murphy bed with me when I move?

Yes – it is possible to take the bed with you when you move. Since this is a fully integrated bedding and storage solutions it is recommended you contact us to professionally disassemble your unit to protect it’s operation and structural integrity.

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