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Have you spent too much time searching for a tool you can’t find to do some yard work? Ever had a rake or shovel drop on your head or a bike topple over on your car? If so – adding the right garage organization accessories in your Upper Arlington, Dublin or New Albany garage can end this frustration right now.


See the broad array of garage wall, cabinetry and work bench accessory options from the Innovate Home Org line. Check out the two wall organization systems, innovative hooks, racks, baskets and drawer trays to save you time and end your frustration. What’s cool about these products is they may even free up space to create a man cave and entertainment area in your garage.

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Garage Slat Wall Organization Systems

To gain more storage space and to make your Columbus garage safer you need to get things off the floor. An excellent way to do this is by choosing from our two garage wall organizing systems – the Sliver Track or the OrgWall systems.

Silver Track Luxury Wall Accessory System

For a more elegant look the Silver Track system is often the system of choice. It has a unique grooved styling with an aluminum matte finish. These 5” high wall slats are mounted to the wall and a variety of light duty hooks (5 lb. capacity), heavy duty hooks (25 lb. capacity) and even the rugged (50 lb.) bike hooks can be hung from the system. With a wide variety of hooks and brackets it will be easy to find the right tool for the job. See some of the selection in this image gallery.

OrgWall Garage Accessory System

The OrgWall system offers a decorative and flexible approach to store your tools, sporting equipment bikes and more. Available in 5 colors – these 12” high sections can help you to be neat and stylish at the same time. See the images below to see just some of the options.

Garage Organization Accessories: Baskets, Storage Bins and Drawer Organizers

Baskets, storage bins and drawer organizers are essential when you want to group like items together …and be able to find them at a moments notice. Check out Innovate Home Org’s wide selection for both the Silver Track and OrgWall products.

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