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About Mike Foti

Mike Foti, President, Innovate Home Org
Mike Foti, President

Entrepreneurial Owner of Innovate Innovate Home Org and Innovate Building Solutions, Married Father of 3

The business stuff

In a nutshell I’m sometimes considered to be a serial entrepreneur. I love business and was a business geek growing up  like the character Michael J. Fox played in the show Family Ties (Alex P. Keaton) – for those of you old enough to remember. I’ve always loved learning about business and enjoy being an active entrepreneur, just like my Dad who passed away a number of years ago.

Today I’m President of Innovate Building Solutions which is both a regional remodeling company (with locations in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio) and a nationwide wholesaler of unique products (including glass floors, glass counters and grout free shower and tub wall panels and grout free shower pans). I am an active blogger. My oldest blog (which is now 10 year old) is called News from the Block and provides insights on products for innovative uses of glass and bathroom projects alike.

As happens with many entrepreneurs I got antsy for a new opportunities to learn, grow and  add value to both the regional cities we do business in (Columbus and Cleveland Ohio) and also to our nationwide customers. That’s what lead me to start Innovate Home Org. Innovate Home Org is a professional designer, supplier and installer of home organization systems (including closet organizers, garage cabinetry, and pantry and laundry room organization systems). I am also an active blogger (always looking to educate others) about home organization systems. This blog is called Professionally Organized

Columbus closet organizer system

In addition to leading businesses I love to grow young entrepreneurs and do this partially through my role on the board of Ohio Business Week Foundation – a Columbus Ohio based non-profit who helps high schoolers grow leadership and business skills.

The personal stuff

Obviously much more important than my business background is I’ve been blessed to be a father to 3 young adults (Grant – who is 25 and an Information Technology professional, Parker is now 21 years old and making the mark in the working world and Jade – my 17 year old who still loves to hang with Dad, is considering a vet tech career and recently got her license (drivers – LOOK OUT!). I’m fortunate to be married to Rose for over 36 years (although I tell people we got married at the age of 11 …not true but it helps me feel younger).

Mike Foti Blogger Professionally Organized Family Picture

Part of the reason I got into the home organization business is by need. You see since my wife Rose and I have 3 kids, 3 cats and could desperately use to be better organized ourselves!

Why write Professionally Organized – A Blog from Innovate Home Org?

From my perspective I don’t know how I can succeed in business without writing a blog. Yes – I do want the business benefits of traffic to my blog and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – but for a blog to be effective I’ve learned over the last 10 years of writing News from the Block it better be about a whole lot more than about me, myself, my business and I!

Blogging has helped me to learn and grow with new products, see cool projects and to share these stories with others. It’s helped me to get to know people we’ve done business with on a personal level and how home renovation and organization projects can have a positive impact on lives. I’ve been fortunate to meet many interesting people from various product suppliers, contractors, architects and interior designers and obviously the owners we’re all fortunate enough to work with. It’s been a fun journey.

The idea to write Professionally Organized was born out of the need I saw in the market for content focused on homeowners who want to know more, and be inspired, about home organization products for their closets, garages, home pantries and laundry room – basically for any room in the house. They want to understand the latest tips, trick, techniques and advantages and disadvantages of different systems.

Custom garage cabinetry will be discussed on Professionally Organized Blog in Columbus

What’s in it for the readers of Professionally Organized?

In two words I hope it’s about “good stuff.” There’s a ton of DIY organization blogs with tips on making jewelry trays on your own, fun ways to repurpose common household items to gain more storage etc. etc. This blog is not one of those blogs.

Professionally Organized is geared to the person (or professional) who generally doesn’t have the time, energy, patience and desire to be a DIY home organizer. This blog is for homeowners who want to gain more time to be with their families, reduce stress and enjoy the comfort of an organized – yet distinctive home, loft or apartment. The goal of this blog for professionals like interior designers, architects, custom builders or remodelers is to offer solutions to help you make distinctive spaces for your clients which functionally work great and help your offerings stand out in the market.

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The Journey Begins- a professional closet and cabinetry blog

Yes – writing two blogs is a lot of work. I felt professional organization was just too big (and important a topic) not to focus on it as it’s own blog topic.

Will you join me on my learning and growing journey into professional organization?


For help with a Columbus home organization project (or to give me any of your input on this new blog) call Innovate Home Org at 614-545-6888. In Cleveland call 216-658-1290. . We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

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