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13 Tricks Professional Closet Designers Use to Maximize Storage in a Small Master Walk In Closet

Opening 13 Tricks Professional Closet Designers Use to Maximize Storage in a Small Master Walk In Closet | Innovate Home Org | Columbus, OH | Storage Organization | Home Organization Systems
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So, your tiny walk in closet will never be mistaken for a Kim Kardashian look-alike.

There’s ZERO room for a fancy island or opulent chandeliers.

And there’s not even a one in a million chance your closet will be featured on a celebrity segment of Inside Edition.

And if we’re being real, you’d be ecstatic if you could just fit what you need every day into your cramped master walk in closet.

You want to ‘find’ more storage.

You need to ‘find’…

How to Solve 15 Common Walk in Closet Storage Problems Which Make You want to SCREAM!!!

Blog Post - Opening image How to solve 15 common walk in closet problems | Innovate Home Org | Columbus, OH #Closet #ClosetDesign #CustomCloset
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If you HATE, HATE, HATE your master walk in closet you’re not alone. If you’re experiencing any or all of the following problems, you’re by NO MEANS unique when your closet makes you want to SCREAM!

  • Problem #1 – Your clothes are jamb-packed, yet you still have ‘dead space’ above (and below) your hanging clothes you can’t use efficiently.


  • Problem #2 – You can’t find anything, and you certainly can’t store everything you’d like in your…

Our Top 10 Home Storage and Space-Saving Idea Blog Posts of 2018 – Innovate Home Org

Top 10 home storage and space-saving idea blog posts of 2018 | Innovate Home Org | #StorageTips #OrganizationTips #TopOrganizationIdes #OrganizationIdeas
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Thank you for reading my blog Professionally Organized in 2018. Your support generated double the traffic over last year. The popularity of these articles are multiplying faster than individual socks you can’t find a matching pair for (I bet you’re familiar with this laundry dilemma).

In this article I’m sharing the 10 most popular home storage articles from 2018. From these top 10 articles three themes emerged:  

  • Theme #1) You’re desperately…