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Don’t have space for mudroom storage inside your home? Why not use your garage?

Don’t have space for mudroom storage inside your home Why not use your garage | Innovate Home Org | columbus closet storage | organization Systems | garage storage organization
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If you’ve got an older home – like I do – and wish you had space for a mudroom for household supplies, coats, hats, and boots – but know there’s NO WAY your hallway from the garage is going to work, you’re not alone!

For homes built more than 20 years ago, a mudroom off the garage simply wasn’t included in house plans at that time. And I know – for one – in my house – trying to add a mudroom off the garage (which IS THE family entrance…

20 Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Mudroom and Laundry Room Design

Opening 20 Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Mudroom and Laundry Room Design | Innovate Home Org | Home Organization | laundry room storage | entryway storage design
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If your home home feels disorganized, then If I’m a betting man –when you attempt to walk through your mudroom or into your laundry room, it’s a less than optimal ‘experience’ (and that may be an understatement)!

The kids and your ‘sloppier half’ are treating the mudroom as their ‘personal’ dumping zones.

And the laundry room – well, what can you say about this ‘less-than-wonderful’ place you have-to face waaaay more times a week than you…

13 Closet Trends from ClosetCon 2023 to Make Sure Your Organization System (and buying experience) IS NOT Behind the Times

Opening 13 Closet Trends from ClosetCon 2023 to Make Sure Your Organization System | Home Organization | Closet Con | Custom Closet
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OK, I’ll admit it. I like to hang with the ‘who’s who’ in the home organization/closet industry. And it’s not only to rub elbows with the best of the best. It’s also to learn what’s hot and what’s not.

And most importantly – it’s also to learn ‘what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s designed to work better for YOU now than last year. Because, after all – you can have the most trend-setting closet since Khloe Kardashian…

How Much Do Installed Mudroom Cabinets, Closets and Lockers Cost?

Blog Post - Opening image How much do installed mudroom cabinets closets cost | Columbus, Ohio | Innovate Home Org #Mudroom #Closet #Cabinets
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Your mudroom is a disaster. Your spouses’ shoes thrown everywhere. The kid’s backpacks tossed in all corners of the room. Amazon packages here, there and everywhere. And the poor coat hooks have waaaay too many coats on them. These hooks are gonna blow off the wall any day now!

And unfortunately, this is THE ROOM you ‘get to’ walk through after a long day at the office. So – instead of being ‘welcomed home’ by an organized mudroom, you’re…

How to Compare a Wood to a Laminate Mudroom (9 Critical Factors You Need to Know)

Opening - image how to compare wood to laminate mudroom Bexley Ohio | Innovate Home Org | Columbus, OH | #Mudroom #CustomOrganization #OrganizationSystems
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If there’s one thing Winter is good for (and from this next statement you’ll know I’m NOT a big fan of snow), it proves how large much ‘yuckiness’ (and yes, that’s a technical term) can come into your home. It also proves how this season can blow up the organization you’re ‘attempting’ to create in your mudroom.

Boots are tracking in snow, dirt, and ice.   

Heavy coats, scarves, and mittens are littered on the floor or putting a strain on your…

7 Rooms Which Need a Home Organization Makeover Post COVID

7 rooms which need a home organization makeover post COVID | Innovate Home Org | #homeorganization #Closet #HomeOffice #Storagsolutions
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Has your first (and hopefully last) worldwide pandemic made you want to S-C-R-E-A-M at your home because it’s sooooo disorganized? Is your frustration boiling over? Can you relate to the following?

  • You ‘attempted’ to manage those Zoom calls for work from your make-shift home office (AKA your kitchen table). Your dog was barking and your ‘little angels’ (AKA your kids) were fighting in the background. Not exactly the professional image…