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7 Compelling Reasons an Organized Garage is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift (and Mom will like it too!)

Have you been racking your brain for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad who has EVERYTHING! Last year you, your sister Jessica and brother Michael struck gold when you bought him a $740 TaylorMade driver he’s been eyeing (Mom thought you guys were nuts for spending that much on one single golf club!). The year before you did well when you got him the top rated Dewalt DWE 575 circular saw even Tim “The Toolman” Taylor would be proud of (at least that gift didn’t take you back $740!). It was like you got Dad the BB Red Rifle from a Christmas Story. When he set eyes on that saw he said, “I don’t even know if I’m going to have room for another power tool in the garage, maybe I’ll just have to clear off some workspace on Mom’s kitchen island! You know, however, “that dog won’t hunt!”

With all of Dad’s tools, sports equipment, riding lawn mower, Mom’s gardening stuff, Christmas decorations, water and pet supplies, trash containers, Dad can’t even park in the garage any more. This doesn’t make Mom happy with the griping he does in the winter when clearing snow off his car for work in the morning.

Maybe the perfect Father’s Day gift you, Jessica and Michael can go in on this year is the gift of an organized garage cabinetry system! Yes – it will be pricier than the circular saw from a couple of years ago, but think of the money and love Dad has invested in you! In the article below let’s look at 7 compelling reasons why an organized garage may not only be the perfect gift for Dad – but Mom will love it too!
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Reason #1 for a garage organization system for Dad – Dad won’t resemble “Old Man Parker” from a Christmas Story (at least not as often)

I don’t know about you but I love in a Christmas Story when Ralphie’s Dad (affectionately known as Old Man Parker) is swearing up a storm trying to fix the heater (which went out again) and attempting to find the lug nuts which went flying as he was trying to fix the flat tire.

Old Man Parker from A Christmas Story swearing

If you’re like me you can relate to Dad saying a few “choice” words when he couldn’t find the tool he needed to fix whatever home improvement or car problem he was dealing with. An organized garage system for Dad’s Upper Arlington home will help him easily find tools to ease his pain when in the middle of a “fix-it-up” nightmare on Elm Street project.

Reason #2 for an organized garage system for Dad – Keeping your kid’s safe when they visit

When you bring your kids to visit Mom and Dad do you feel a bit like that disgusting chopped liver Mom used to dish up (my Mom did serve this nasty dish and would say to me, “Michael, you’re going to eat it and you’re going to like it.” Now I love my Mom, but I still think that’s the dumbest thing ever, but I digress). Your parents are drawn to your kids like steel to a magnet. If you ask yourself “What’s most important to Grandpa?” The answer is likely to be his grandkids safety (after all he is the Papa Bear of the family).

When you look at a normal garage with open shelving it’s an accident waiting to happen. What if your daughter opens a can of half used paint, gets curious with toxic bug spray or a container of anti-freeze or gasoline?

The answer to eliminate these concerns is to use enclosed garage cabinets with at least one unit having a locking mechanism.

'Use locks on #garage cabinets to keep the grandkids safe.' Click To TweetThis will get rid of the worry you and your Dad have of about dangerous chemicals in the garage turning into an unnecessary ER visit.

Laminate garage cabinet systems can have locking doors to keep kids away from dangerous chemicals | Innovate Home Org Upper Arlington suburb of Columbus Ohio

Reason #3 for an organized garage for Dad – A place to park and protect the new “baby” Dad desperately wants to buy

You’ve been hearing about it for months, but Dad is getting close to making the ultimate splurge and buy the 2017 Audi R8 sports car as his “beyond-middle-age” splurge. Since he is finally done funding college for you, Jessica and Michael (who took 5 ½ years tom complete college as Dad likes to bust his chops about) he is ready to get his new “adult toy.” The problem is there is no place to put this new “baby” because the garage is full of junk. With some aggressive discarding and new organization strategies (getting tools off the ground, bulk items stored at the ceiling, and cabinets to neaten things up) he can truly enjoy getting his dream car and being able to see his shiny new baby every time he enters the garage.

Red Audi 2017 R8 sports car

Reason #4 for an organized garage for Dad – It will get Mom off his back

You know Mom only too well. Clutter to her is like nails on a chalkboard. Messy spaces get her in a crabby mood (and NOBODY likes that). Imagine how happy she’ll be when she and Dad drive into a neat garage where all the clutter is (at least) concealed behind closet cabinet doors and drawers! Remember as Dad says, “Happy wife, happy life!”

'A neat #garage will make for a happy wife!' Click To Tweet

Concealed garage cabinets doors and a workbench for a clean efficient luxury garage storage area | Innovate Home Org Columbus Ohio

Reason #5 for an organized garage for Dad – Finally a place for Dad’s golf clubs, bags and sporting equipment

Dad is obsessed with golf. When he’s not playing with his buddies he is watching PGA tournaments on TV (how boring it that…you think). Storing his precious golf clubs on the garage floor isn’t exactly the TLC he wants. What’s nice is with new garage cabinetry systems the storage spaces are deep enough (they come in standard 19” and 23” depths) his golf bags, extra clubs, and balls can be neatly stowed away without being exposed to the dirt, leaves and dare I say it – the snow – Central Ohio can dish out.

19 inch deep laminated garage cabinet tall storage unit deep enough for golf clubs and equipment | Innovate Home Org Dublin Ohio suburb of Columbus

Reason #6 for an organized garage for Dad – No more muddy boots inside the house

“Take off your shoes before coming in the house.” If you heard Mom say this once you heard it 1,000 times. Dad was not (and is still not) immune to Mom’s wrath after tracking the house with mud while he’s knee-deep in an outdoor project like spreading mulch, or cutting down or planting a new tree. Adding a boot station by garage entry door to the house can eliminate this problem and will make Mom happier as well.

Organized boot storage station in a custom garage system | Innovate Home Org Columbus Ohio

Reason #7 for an organized garage for Dad – Dad can become a big “Buckeye” not quite on campus, again

You know Dad bleeds scarlet and gray. The Ohio State Buckeye Saturday games are religion to him (even Pastor Bob has joked if he held church on Saturdays’ the only way he could get anyone to show up is if he made a makeshift stage in the “Horseshoe”). Since Mom’s crafting room and the grandkids play area has taken over the basement rec room, Dad’s ability to host ‘da boys’ on gameday is not looking good.

However – here’s a cool idea. How about turning the garage into the new “man-cave” for Dad? Add a TV, a fridge with some cold beverages, and make sure to heat the space (it is Columbus after all) and Dad will be the happiest man alive. He can recreate his frat days on campus (hopefully without the sticky stale beer on the garage floor from the night before!) with his garage man cave.

A custom garage man cave with a TV maple work surface and work bench in a garage in the New Albany suburb of Columbus Ohio

How cool would this set up be for Dad?


Maybe this is the year you, Michael and Jessica really step it up and give the rockin gift which not only Dad will enjoy – but Mom will appreciate as well – an organized garage.

How can I (and my team) help you?

If you’re not sure where to start with this daunting project (and have no concept how much it will cost for a custom garage cabinetry system) we would love to help with a Free 3D garage design service. Give us a call at 614-545-5888 in Columbus or 216-658-1290 in Cleveland.


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Mike Foti

Mike Foti is the President of Innovate Home Org, a division of Innovate Building Solutions. You can learn more about Mike here.

Mike Foti

Mike Foti is the President of Innovate Home Org, a division of Innovate Building Solutions. You can learn more about Mike here.

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