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13 Smart Ideas for a Kids Walk in or Reach In Bedroom Closet Design

Opening 13 Smart Ideas for a Kids Walk in or Reach In Bedroom Closet Design | Innovate Home Org | Columbus OH | designing a walk-in or reach-in closet for kids
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I can still hear these words like it was yesterday. Mom yelling….

“Michael Anthony Foti, hang up your clothes!”

 And if your mom was like mine, when she added your middle name (or started counting) you knew your were in big trouble (and to this day, I still can’t figure out why ‘counting’ worked, but I digress).

And while I know I caused my parents less gray hair than my older and more mischievous brother Frank, this still didn’t always make me…

How to design a kids bedroom closet which is safe and stylish

How to design a kids closet for safety and style | Innovate Home Org Columbus Ohio
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You love your kids dearly (OK – you love them more dearly at those times when they’re not driving you crazy – just keeping it real). So, when you can’t take the cluttered and poorly functioning walk in or reach in closet in their bedroom and decide to change it out for a new closet organizer you want to make sure it’s safe. If your child is small you don’t want sharp edges or shelves which can be pulled out from the wall. Cabinets which…