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7 Powerful Reasons a Built in Custom Fitted Wardrobe Will Make Your Life Better

7 powerful reasons a custom built in fitted wardrobe will make life better | Innovate Home Org Columbus Ohio
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Wouldn’t it be cool if your bedroom furniture or small closets were built around your needs and your space (no matter how small it is)? It can be difficult if you have a loft, a small bedroom or a condo where it’s not practical to take down walls – but your wardrobe is practically screaming for more space. Maybe you’ve tried to be the ultimate minimalist, but that only goes so far. What if your wardrobe and clothing could be custom-fit…

7 Simple Strategies to Love Your Reach in Bedroom Closet

7 simple strategies to love your reach in bedroom closet | Innovate Home Org Columbus Ohio
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Does your messy reach in closet bum you out? Do you suffer from “my-closet-is-too-small” disease? Then you visit Pinterest and see the glamour walk in closets of the stars with chandeliers, chaise lounges and spacious islands in the center and say to yourself, “girlfriend, that is so far from my life!” Unfortunately, you may need to take the advice of the 70’s song from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – “If you can’t be with the one you love…