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Don’t have space for mudroom storage inside your home? Why not use your garage?

Don’t have space for mudroom storage inside your home Why not use your garage | Innovate Home Org | columbus closet storage | organization Systems | garage storage organization
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If you’ve got an older home – like I do – and wish you had space for a mudroom for household supplies, coats, hats, and boots – but know there’s NO WAY your hallway from the garage is going to work, you’re not alone!

For homes built more than 20 years ago, a mudroom off the garage simply wasn’t included in house plans at that time. And I know – for one – in my house – trying to add a mudroom off the garage (which IS THE family entrance…

3 Cluttered Spaces You Need to Conquer Before Holiday Guests Arrive

3 cluttered spaces you need to conquer before holiday guests arrive | Innovate Home Org | Columbus, Ohio | #MudroomStorage #EntrywayStorage #PantryStorage #MurphyBed
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You decided to host the big holiday gathering. Now you’ve come to your senses and the reality of this big-time commitment is slapping you in the face! You’re saying to yourself, “Oh crap (OK – you’re using some ‘choice’ swear words, but this is a family-friendly blog, so I cleaned it up) my house is a cluttered disaster!”

Your mind wanders to the ‘state’ of your guest bedroom, your pantry and your mudroom entryway (areas your guests will…

5 key questions you need to ask for the perfect mudroom design

5 key questions to ask for a perfect mudroom organization project | Innovate Home Org Columbus Ohio
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You see the drool-worthy pictures of organized mudrooms on Pinterest and get a severe case of house envy. You think, “Is there any way my disaster of a mudroom could look like the neat organized images on Pinterest? Maybe if I get rid of my 2 kids and husband – hashab!” Whether you live in Columbus, Ohio, or Columbus Georgia, the problem with mudrooms is the same. This space is constantly used (and abused). Although your family is coming…