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Closet Design for Dummies – 11 Dumb Things You Should Never Ask a Closet Designer

Opening Image Closet Design for Dummies – 11 Dumb Things You Should Never Ask a Closet Designer | Innovate Building Solutions | Innovate Home Org
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I know, I know – as your teacher used to say, there’s no such thing as a dumb question– especially if you don’t know squat about the subject (which is likely true for most people trying to figure out their first custom closet).

However, there are LOTS and LOTS of dumb things builders, remodelers and well-meaning DIY’ers do which makes closets hard to use. And I (for one) don’t want you to put up with a custom closet which is a pain in the…

9 Common Errors to Avoid When Designing a Reach in or Walk in Closet

9 common error to avoid when designing a reach in or walk in closet | Innovate Home Org | Walk In Closet | Reach In Closet | #ClosetOrganization #WalkInCloset #ReachInCloset
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Updated September 7, 2020 

I’ve got a question for you. How many custom closets have you designed? If you answered none, I totally get it. You’re in the majority. Even most people ‘in the trades’ (your builder, remodeling contractor or interior designer) are clueless about closet design (even though there are 5 to 10 closets in every home). Many contractors and builders think, “Just slap in a few rods and wire shelves and call it a day.”


7 Steps to get the Max out of your Reach in Closet

double hanging space in a reach in closet
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Wouldn’t it be cool if the small reach in closet in your Upper Arlington, Dublin or Columbus home could suddenly turn into a glamorous walk in closet complete with a chandelier and a seating area like a Hollywood star? Well unless you’re going to convert the entire bedroom into a walk in closet (which has been done after the kids leave the nest) the most practical strategy for your reach in closet is to take Mom’s advice and do the most…